Flow Writing Exercise


I thought of this idea to just write. Not editing or analyzing. To see what I’d come up with. To get a sense of my writing voice. The inner voice that dictates what comes out on pixels or paper. I’ve done this a few times, but haven’t really done in a conscious manner. I’ll be honest, the editor in me wants to fix every error that I make and punctuate every so often. It was a challenge, but a very insightful challenge. I’d like to share it with other and see what people come up with and to hear their experiences.

Start with a drawing pad or word processor. I don’t suggest using anything with visual lines. It will distract you as you’re writing. We naturally want to keep within the lines of the paper. Use either a marker or a pen, make sure it writes well and is smooth. Don’t worry about coming up with a brilliant idea and if you feel so inclined don’t write in straight lines. Be as creative as you like with it.

Write a stream of though. Don’t edit. Don’t analyze. Don’t evaluation. Don’t punctuate. Don’t have a preconceived idea. Just write all the thoughts, words, phrases, images as fast or as slow as they come. It doesn’t have to make sense. Allow your thoughts to present themselves in their raw form. Once the stream is finished put it up. Read it later that day or the next day.

Enjoy the exercise!

Happy Journaling,

Rachel C. Bemis


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