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Selfie Self-Love Day 3

self-day3I’d really like to believe this one.


Selfie Self-Love Day 2


I don’t feel this way about myself today. I feel down right terrible today.

Selfie Self-Love Challenge

After feeling terrible emotionally for the last couple of days. I decided to take a picture of myself and make it beautiful. I wanted to see myself in a different light. Being so critical of myself really brings me down. I know so many women and men that do this to themselves. They are hypercritical of themselves, it’s sad really because they are great people. They don’t see it for themselves and when someone else tells them how wonderful they, they can’t believe it. The program of self-loathing plays on and sometimes is amplified by compliments. I know this to be true because that is what happens to me. I feel guilt for getting a compliment. I want to change this pattern. Seeing myself in a different light. Loving and appreciating the person I am is important. Read the rest of this entry

Selfie Self-Love Challenge Day 1

Day 1 of the Selfie Self-Love Challenge


The thing I chose to focus on today was “I Am Kind”. I enjoy that I am a nice person and that I truly care about people. I’m nice to people, but not always nice to myself. I can be harsh and critical of me. I’d like to change that. I’d like to be more gentle with myself and treat myself with the same kindness that I show others.